This guide is not for you if :

  1. You want a "get rich fast" scheme

  2. You don't want to work 1 - 2 hours daily

  3. You are a lazy person

  4. You don't need any money :-)

What will you learn in this guide?

  • Information about how and why this whole system works

  • Basic stuff about push notifications and push monetization

  • What to do, step by step, in order to get started

  • Basic knowledge about promoting your landing page

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How and why does this whole thing work?

This whole system revolves around push notifications and push advertising. To put everything in only a few words, you collect push subscribers which are then monetized with the help of DigitalPUSH. Aside from collecting subscribers, you also promote your affiliate link with DigitalPUSH and earn 10% of the revenue that your referrals earn.

You will be doing a 2 ways earning system which:

  1. Will yield daily revenue from the push subscribers that will visit your "PushPromo" affiliate link

  2. Will reward you with 10% of the income that your referrals earn, FOR LIFE!

What is the push monetization?
The push monetization relies on the visitor's subscription to push notifications to run. That means that the ads are delivered through push notifications, and not as part of a website's content.

The main benefit of the push monetization is that it does not stop after the visitor left the page. Once subscribed, a visitor can receive push notifications indefinitely, and that's huge because that specific visitor will continue to yield revenue for the publisher even if he never visits the page again.

Here's an actual example:

The simple fact that you are reading this guide means that you already pressed "Allow" to receive notifications, therefor the member who promoted this guide ( psykhe ) already earned money just for having you read this guide.

Furthermore, if you decide to follow in psykhe's footsteps and start earning yourself, psykhe will receive a 10% commission from us.



Step 1. The registration

The first thing you need is an account with DigitalPUSH. To sign up for an account Click here.
The registration process is instant and completely free.

Step 2. Enabling the PushPromo program

Once registered, within the main menu, navigate to "Extra" and then click "Affiliate system".

Within the "Affiliate system" page, click the "Join the PushPromo Program" button.

Copy your PushPromo Affiliate URL and proceed to the last step.

Step 3. Promoting your PushPromo Affiliate URL

This is where to real work begins. You now have all the tools you need start earning big time. From now on it's entirely up to you. Continue reading the next section to check out the methods we propose for you to promote your PushPromo Affiliate URL.

Promotional methods

1. Social media

Thisone is pretty much a no-brainer. Share and distribute your PushPromo Affiliate URL over all social media platforms you are part of.

As a special mention, based on the feedback we received from other people, it seems to be a good practice to join groups on Facebook for example, and then distribute your PushPromo Affiliate URL there.

2. Forum posting

Sign up on different and all forums! If you are not allowed to post links, add your PushPromo Affiliate URL in your signature. Talk to forum members in private. Everyone is a potential referral that could help you build your life-long income.

It is recommended to join forums that have people that are more inclined to join such as "online marketing forums", "money making forums", "online earning forums" etc.

3. Article comments

Blogs have huge traffic and yes, people do sometimes read the comments! Make full use of that and comment on as many articles while placing your PushPromo Affiliate URL somewhere within the comment.

Start by searching for "money making articles" and "online earning articles" and then expand to other search queries.

These are just a few methods that we proposed and that have been proven to work in order to promote your PushPromo Affiliate URL, in reality... The sky is the limit.


The key for all this to work is for you to keep doing it.

Allocate 1-2 hours per day to promoting your PushPromo Affiliate URL. Distribute, share, post, rinse and repeat.

If you get 10 or 50 or 100 or 1000 new push subscribers per day is irrelevant, the point is to get new ones on a daily basis. The more people get subscribed the more money you will make. Plus... The "subscription" process requires a single mouse click so there's nothing easier. And let's not forget about the referrals you get to join and do the same thing as you are, you will be getting 10% commission each time they withdraw.

What are you waiting for?


And start making your life better!

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